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Looking for classic albums from Barbara Streisand or Barry Manilow? Want to buy your own CD of Taylor Swift’s past album releases? Then you’ve come to the right place. We are your top online source of CDs and albums in Ontario and the GTA.

The Big Per has a wide selection of current CDs and classic albums from Canadian and international music artists. Searching for hard-to-find albums and contemporary hits has never been this easy thanks to our simple and straightforward online music store. Just scroll down our products page and check out all the albums we have in stock. Take your pick and easily purchase the item you want. That’s it!

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Best Sellers

The Big Per has a great line up of music artists, groups, and soundtracks just for true blue music lovers and fans. Our best sellers include classics from Bette Midler, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, and Barbara Streisand.

We also have an up-to-date collection of various movie soundtracks such as the original music from Frozen, Tangled, Brave, and other Disney animated movies. Are you into karaoke? We've got the best karaoke albums for you as well! Check out our collection of karaoke/sing-a-along CDs ready to keep you entertained throughout your party in Ontario, GTA, and other locations.

Our customers also enjoy our CDs and album collection of various artists greatest hits, live CDs/concert performances, and novelty albums such as Christmas compilations and special album releases. We have a variety of CDs and albums from different musical genres, artists, and performances.

Can’t find the CD or artist you’re looking for? CALL US TODAY or send us an e-mail and we’ll help you get the music you want. We look forward to your call.

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